Download SlappyFish arcade game and aquarium simulator

The awesome new free version of SlappyFish is here! Comes with 3 bonus lives, much improved graphics, great sound effects and music. A truly enjoyable game experience! This is a full version of the game. The only difference from this and the paid version is this has a small banner at the bottom of the screen, and doesn’t include the convenient ‘Pause’ button.

Download link:

Video preview:

Natural Ambience Sounds for Relaxation app (free)

Download this app for soothing sounds for deep relaxation to help you reduce stress and sleep much better at night. Better sleep is known to increase productivity and improve your overall health. Sounds will loop continually, and you can play multiple sounds at the same time to create unique combinations.

Includes the following sounds:
Mystical Ice
Dusk in the Country
Night Ambiance 1 (with crickets and frogs)
Night Ambiance 2 (with crickets and frogs)
Gentle Ocean Waves
Cascading Waterfall
Thunderstorm 1

Download link: