Wolf Hunting Calls app. Natural wolf vocalizations!

Download this app for success in locating and calling wolves in. Sounds are field proven. Loaded with all the sounds you need which are known to be great for locating wolves, and calling them in. Can also be used to learn wolf vocalizations and it includes a chart for identifying many different wolves such as Gray Wolves, Eastern Wolves, Eurasian Wolves, Timber Wolves, Tundra Wolves and several more, plus tips on how to set up, locate and important safety tips. You can play multiple sounds together at the same time, and it can also loop individual sounds so they play non-stop. Sounds will continue playing if your device goes into sleep mode, is locked, or if you minimize the app. If you like this app, please give us a great rating!

Click this LINK to download Wolf Hunting Calls iOS app! – It’s 100% free!

Preview of app in action

Help (How to use the app)
Wolf Locating, Setups, and Tips
Wolf Identification Chart

Includes the following 12 sounds:
Wolf Chorus 1, Wolf Chorus 2, Wolf Chorus 3, Wolf Howls 1, Wolf Howls 2, Wolf Howls 3, Pack Howls, Wolf Growling, Alarm Barks, Wolf Put Howls, Wolf Whining, and Wolf Yips and Howls.

Click this LINK to download our 100% free Wolf Hunting Calls iOS app!

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