Elk Bull & Cow Hunting Calls

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Preview of app in action

Download this app for success in locating and calling elk in. Sounds are field proven. Unlike other elk calling apps on the market, this one was designed with you, the hunter in mind. All sounds are on one screen. When you’re out in cold weather, the last thing you want to be doing is navigating through many screens to get to the sounds and controls. This app solves that problem.

When you start this app up, it’s ready to go. Loaded with all the sounds you need which are known to be great for locating elks, and calling them in. This is the only elk calling app you’ll ever need for elk. Works with all types of elk. Can also be used to learn elk bull, cow and calf vocalizations and it includes a species chart for help in identifying many different elk such as Roosevelt’s elk, Rocky Mountain elk, Tule elk, Manitoban elk, Eastern elk, and Arizona elk, plus tips on how to be more successful in preparation, setting up and locating.

You can play multiple sounds together at the same time, and it can also loop individual sounds so they play non-stop. Sounds will continue playing if your device goes into sleep mode, is locked, or if you minimize the app. You can use your own Bluetooth wireless or wired speaker/amplifier by connecting it to the headphone jack for added volume to aid in long-distance calling.

Help (How to use the app)
Elk Locating, Setups, and Tips
Elk Species Identification Chart

Includes the following 15 sounds:
Elk Bull Mating Call, Elk Bull Mating Cow, Cow Estrous Screams, Rutting Bull Bugles,
Bull In Heat Bugles, Intense Elk Bugling, Bull Elk Bugling, Rutting Bull Whistles, Elk Cow Vocalization, Baby Elk Crying, Elk Calf Cries, Lost Elk Calf, Angry Elk, Elk Bulls Fighting, and Screaming Bull Elk.